living a snapshot.

i love taking the {perfect} picture.  catching the beauty in a moment amidst the chaos of life.

do you have a picture in your mind of who you want to be?

i see a snapshot.  a still portrait of my ideals.  i envision myself in a beautifully decorated home.  content children playing peacefully as the aroma of fresh-baked homemade cookies fill the air.  paperwork is always organized and in its place.  birthdays and other momentous occasions are never forgotten and the ideas for amazing gifts flow freely.  i have no problem with priorities as God is constantly the center of my life.  my relationships are flourishing.  insightful, encouraging blog posts practically write themselves and my creativity is never stunted.

envy creeps in when i see someone who has it {all together} but i am realizing that i’m only seeing a snapshot.  mere glimpses into people’s lives do not necessarily portray the work and time spent to get to that moment.  you don’t always see the countless moments of discord between the smiles.

i don’t have it all together.  most days there are clothes all over my room.  the smell of burnt popcorn overpowers the house.  paperwork and receipts lay in disorganized piles in my closet.  i procrastinate getting gifts because i don’t know what would be the most meaningful, which results in lame gift cards or even no gift at all.  my priorities are haywire and my relationships are sometimes neglected.

forgetting yesterday’s bad hair day and the fear of tomorrow’s wrinkles… all i have is this moment.

what will it look like?


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