either i can not figure out what to write about or there is just too much rolling around in my head to write about one thing. self-induced pressure to write about {everything} to keep people current about where i am tends to overwhelm me. i just want to state right now that i’m releasing that pressure and realizing that i can be completely random and write whatever i want and you can unsubscribe if you don’t want to read it. :o) (i’m pretty sure that i should have accepted that a long time ago…)

anyways…quick re-cap list and then maybe i’ll get back to normal-ish posts about where my heart is.

  • i never got around to posting a picture of my boyfriend…who is now my ex-boyfriend.  after almost two months of dating, we both realized that we are just great friends.  i hate that sad, comforting look that everyone gets when i say that we broke up and i think it shocks people when i say it was a good thing.  i don’t regret anything, he was an AMAZING boyfriend, we are blessed to remain friends and we both learned so much.  
  • my YWAM application is still in the works of being processed.  i don’t know when i will be accepted/denied and my stress level is rising in regards to the financial aspect.  my plan which was shaky to begin with would have started sometime in february…i just don’t feel like i can start fund-raising without knowing for sure that i’m in the program.  i have to remember that God will provide if that is where i’m supposed to go!
  • i’m FINALLY starting to feel better!  i have been sick since about february 18th.  what started as a stuffy nose eventually took me to the emergency room with breathing problems and pneumonia.  i’ve decided that i’m not a fan of pneumonia.  my energy level is still pretty low and i have a lingering juicy cough that the doctor said could last for a couple months.  ugh.
  • salvation army’s half-off sale is one of my favorite things.  it definitely takes some time, but yesterday’s shopping got me two dresses (one is o’neil), two zip-up sweaters, a nice white cover-up thing to layer with a tank top or dress, a black dressy shirt (from white house/black market) and a swimsuit bottom/skirt thingy….all for $22!  i realize that the clothes are somewhat stinky and there are a LOT of outdated/ugly things there, but i just don’t understand what some people have against shopping there.
  • the combination of the earthquake/tsunami in japan and hearing about people who are physically struggling to stay alive has really challenged me with regards to complaining.  yes, i’ve been sick…and sometimes life sucks…but really i don’t have it that bad.  when i stop focusing on me i realize how insignificant my problems are.
  • i’m heading to my cousin’s wedding soon and can’t wait to spend some extra time with family!  it will be a nice mini-vacation and an excuse to get all girly and dressed up.  :o)
  • i miss running.  not really during the sweaty, painful, labored breathing parts, but the amazing sense of accomplishment and the rush of endorphins afterwards.  my plan to run a 10k on april 3rd isn’t gonna happen…getting pneumonia derailed those plans.  have to get serious after i’m 100% again, i feel like such a slug lately.
  • after starting an ambitious bible reading plan, i am sad to say it lasted only three days.  my goal is to read the entire bible before september…want to keep me accountable?
  • i gave a hug the other day and was reminded of the power behind hugs.  not knowing what to say in certain situations should not stop people from showing support…sadly it has held me back quite a few times.  today the recently widowed man thanked me for that hug.  i met him and his wife through a class i took at church and had instantly felt like they could be another set of grandparents.  i don’t know why God connects me to certain people so strongly but i’m curious to see what He has planned.  
oy.  between my contacts drying out a bit and making my vision a little blurry and my tiredness making my brain a little fuzzy, i think it’s time to hit [publish post].  i’m ready to curl up in bed and call it a night.  :o)  

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