all day recess.

spring is in the air and the sun has peeked out from behind the clouds a few more times yesterday and today.  the fresh air and fun i have outside has cheered me up considerably.   i even busted out my beloved chacos.  the BEST sandals ever.

the three munchkins and i took every advantage of the spring weather and spent more time outside than inside on friday.  pretty sure we were all craving sunshine and fresh air.
we went for a bike ride/walk, played in the yard, went to a park, had a picnic lunch and then went for another walk when my brother got home from work.  pure awesomeness.  i got zero accomplished for the day but didn’t feel guilty at all.
during our adventures i could’t help but notice the two convertibles with their tops down and countless cars with all the windows down.  i love how excited everyone was about the measly 66 degree day.  i can’t wait for summer!

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