how do you heal?

this question came up yesterday in a conversation and i was at a loss to know the answer.  to further expound my dilemma, of course it was brought up in my own life today.

after you have identified a wound or a place of hurt or insecurity, how do you receive healing in that area?  how do you take steps towards that if you don’t know where to step?

prayer is always good.  talking it through and processing the why behind the reaction helps me.  it just doesn’t seem enough especially when that same spot tends to keep getting poked.

what do you think?


2 thoughts on “how do you heal?

  1. For me, healing has come, first of all, from giving myself permission to be in process, to be honest about my brokenness, and to focus on letting healing happen. I've found God has used many things to help walk me through some major healing in my life: writing, photography, counseling, prayer, music (specifically worship), friendships, and simply slowing down. I'm certain He customizes His approach with each of us.

  2. In my life, I've had to be OK realizing and identifying my feelings/actions and then talk it through with God. Then in the future, when I stumble into the same pattern I remember my talk with God, remind myself I'm only human and see how far I've grown.
    It's important for me to see how/where I've grown or all I see are problems. And that gets discouraging and overwhelming. Love you and your openness to talk/think with all us readers.

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