my heart has been so drawn to adoption lately.  more specifically the children on reece’s rainbow.  mari, my niece, is one of the many beautiful kids with down syndrome that have been listed on this site (if you click on her name, you can see a picture of the tiny bald baby that has grown SO much!).  it is an awesome ministry allowing people to donate money to defer some of the adoption costs.  another way to help is to become a prayer warrior.

meet Sophia.  she is turning three this month and is currently still in a russian orphanage.  knowing so many three year olds (including Mari and Azariah), it’s hard for me to imagine the things that this little girl is missing out on.  i signed up to be a prayer warrior and she is the one i’ll be praying for and supporting in anyway i can.  Sophia has no money donated towards her adoption at this point and i’m praying for both monetary provision and a loving family to step up to adopt her.  spreading the word, praying and donating are simple.  

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