i find myself alone again.  needing quiet time but wasting the minutes with meaningless fluff.  half-heartedly engaging in the present and feeling too tired or overwhelmed to fully jump into whatever is in front of me.  so i float through the day and as my head hits the pillow i realize i’m merely existing.

i see again that i’m not enough.

if insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results, i guess you could say i’m insane.  my strength will fail me.  i will mess things up.  i can’t handle it all.  i’m stuck in a rut.

failing miserably, i try harder to figure it out myself instead of relying on God.  maybe this time i will see the joy and the sweet release of trusting Him.

He is enough.

His strength will never fail.

He orchestrates everything to His glorious plan.

He holds the weight of the world in His hands.

He will guide me to where i need to go.


One thought on “seclusion.

  1. Oh ya! I read this & heard myself saying; “I feel the same way…right on…I know what you mean…trust in Him…yes, Charis you get it…Hold on to Him…He is enough Charis!”
    Thank you for sharing :-)

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