change is good.

sometimes going back to a comfortable place in life is part of moving forward.

a little less than a year ago, i felt God pulling me towards a different church.  though i was thoroughly blessed by the new church’s community, i recently felt released to go back to East Hill.  jumping back into my small group, snuggling the babies in the nursery and just overall joining them to worship God has been such a blessing.  i guess it could be compared to going on vacation and coming home… both are amazing but home is just home.

speaking of home, it changed too.  i just moved back into the condo that i lived in years ago.  not only is it nice to have my own space again, but that place is so packed full of wonderful memories that i can’t stop thinking about my old roomies.  my nesting skills and daydreaming are in full effect.  love it.

but i won’t be here long…I’M GOING TO BELIZE!  officially accepted into the YWAM program, i’m now jumping into support raising and preparing my heart for this adventure.  God is already stretching me and challenging me to trust Him in deeper ways.  this is gonna take a miracle…and there is no doubt about it.  this human impossibility creates an awesome stage to see God’s provision.  leave a comment with your e-mail address if you want to receive updates about the whole process.

that has been my life lately.  stay tuned, friday is an incredibly important day.  seriously.  i’ll fill you in later…


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