turning melancholy to joy

moments of desperate loneliness invade the depths of my soul.  surrounded securely within a supportive community of friends and family i yearn for something deeper.  clueless to why i feel alone, i allow whispered lies to invade and tear away at my heart.

no one cares enough to break past my walls of brokenness.

just as the sunrise brings forth a day ripe with potential, a new thought dawns.  perhaps the emptiness i feel is a reminder sent directly from my Creator.  a blessing in disguise, i see joy bubbling up from a melancholy place…He is speaking my name desiring time with me.

this feeling was not intended to reveal people’s shortcomings but to remind me that God delights in me.  it’s time to defiantly refute the lies and stand for the truth that there is One who wants to create beauty from the ashes.


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