yesterday i ventured beyond my typical church family and visited a different church.  a creature of habit and comfort, even this little change in scenery caused some insecurities to creep in.  though i long for new adventures, i tend to shrink back into myself until i have observed for a while and get my bearings.  not always a bad thing, i also can miss out on some pretty sweet stuff.

a few minutes after sitting down i notice a couple people come in that i recognize.  i had gone to school with their older brother since kindergarten and we had grown up within a block from each other.  not sure if they would remember me, i basically ignored them.

songs began and God began working on my heart.  in the past, some have mentioned my quietness coming across as snobbish and i was devastated that my actions were perceived that way.  a boldness came over me and it saddened me that even within the church walls i would be so afraid of a possible slightly awkward conversation.

after church i seized the opportunity to talk to them.  not only did they remember me but thanked me for coming over and talking to them.  i felt like my heart was smiling.

connections.  fellowship.  love.  isn’t that what life is about?

next time don’t hesitate.  you may not know what your silence may be saying.


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