a daunting to-do list is constantly running through my mind.  the weight of things on my shoulders right now has brought me to a place of consistent stress.  though i’m extremely excited about my YWAM adventure, it boggles my brain how many things i have to sort out.  whew…  good thing i have absolutely NOTHING planned for this Saturday beyond hanging out with God.  that is what is getting me through this week.

(oh, and beyond the fact that i need to slow down and take a breath…needtobreathe has been a consistent playlist lately.  i love them.)

hmmm…while sitting here trying to figure out what to write next, i got convicted.  i have been trying so hard not to worry about finances and just trust God to provide in that area but i haven’t stepped into that with my to-do list.  i’m pretty sure the creator of time, orchestrator of life and multitasker extraordinaire could help me figure things out.  geez.  hopefully i’ll learn my lesson soon enough.  :o)

{deep breath}

time to drop the top on my car, soak up some sunshine and enjoy strawberry waffles with people i love.


One thought on “needtobreathe

  1. God always comes through!! I am so excited for you; you will look back and be so thankful you did this. I continue to pray that God will knock your socks off as you prep for this trip and while you are gone. and strawberry waffles sound really good right now…

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