unresolved issues…

i try to ignore the little things.  hastily spoken words that shouldn’t have wounded me, misread situations, and even physical pain.  i don’t want to appear weak.  i can handle it…until i can’t.

with my trip to Belize coming soon (84 more days!), i figured i should probably have my foot checked by a doctor.  i’ve been having some pain on the ball of my foot off and on for over a year.  yeah…just checked my running log and it started bugging me last may.  though it has been a nuisance, i really wouldn’t have had it checked out if it wasn’t for the trip.  after all, i can deal with it…
well, i found out friday that i fractured a small bone in my foot (one of the sesamoid bones if you were wondering).  a pea-sized bone that i didn’t even realize existed has been the source of the nagging pain.  healing would have happened a LONG time ago had i dealt with the issue in the beginning instead of impeding the process by trying to ignore the ache.
ever since my appointment with the podiatrist, i’ve been trying to pinpoint other little things in life that haven’t received proper attention.  i have a feeling bitterness and procrastination wouldn’t be able to commandeer my heart and my time quite as often if i stopped pushing things aside like they don’t matter.  little issues would stay little issues.
if it takes less stress, drama, time and energy to deal with things immediately, why do we put it off?  ridiculous…

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