the quest…

if you have known me for very long you most likely have noticed my constant companion…my water bottle.   99.9% of the time i never leave home without it.  most people almost immediately notice when i get a new one, which definitely makes me smile.  sometimes it is a hassle to carry but it’s a small price to pay when you can quench your thirst anytime you like.

my water bottles have looked different over the years.  the earliest i remember consistently carrying one was back in 2003.

the nalgene.

over time i had three…green, pink and purple.  i HAD to have a little splash guard on the inside or i would get a little shower especially while walking or driving.  easy to clean but a beast to carry (i had the 32oz bottle).  could have doubled as a weapon for self defense if needed though.  indestructible.  i used to lay it down on it’s side and stand on it for fun to challenge my balance.  one of my friends threw one off a second story to test the strength…the fall broke part of the lid but it still didn’t leak.

next came the camelbak.

these seem to be the perfect size (25 oz).  love the camelbak especially when i’m working out or in the car.  kind of like a sippy cup for adults.  :o)  i don’t like taking these to the beach or camping though because the mouth piece can get really gross so easily.
those two styles had me quite content until last year.  the search has only intensified with my upcoming trip…the quest for the perfect water bottle.  {i’m okay with sounding ridiculous.  just think of my water bottle being similar to your search for the perfect purse or coolest phone.  :o) }

the last two styles i have tried have been mediocre.  i can not see them being quite as resilient or listed as my favorites at any point.

here is the thermos roho style.

not too shabby but not amazing.  the lid on my favorite one is starting to give me some issues.

my latest buy: the vapur.

pretty stinkin’ sweet idea.  totally collapsible (other than the lid) plastic bottle.   i loved taking this on a short hike and being able to roll it up and put it in my pocket after i drank all the water.  it only holds 16ish oz and probably would be super awkward to drink out of if it was any bigger.  after about a week or so of using it, the plastic stuff around the clip started to peel.  not sure how much longer it will last…

i don’t want to settle for second best.  i’m on the hunt for the one that gets to travel the world with me.  :o)  any suggestions?


One thought on “the quest…

  1. Klean Kanteen :)

    I have a few and love them. They are stainless steel, no coating, so the water never tastes like plastic. They are super durable and come in fun colors. They also have several lid choices. I really like the 27 oz size. A little on the spendy side, but I love water bottles too and this has been my favorite!

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