nine days…

I am amazed. God’s direction and provision especially this past month has been incredible. Sending in my first big payment to YWAM was a leap of faith, clearing out my bank account and leaving me to rely on His peace. Two days later, a little over $1500 came in through donations and garage sale profit. The following Saturday, I received a letter informing me that my $1100 hospital bill from March was covered 100% by financial aid! My heart is being transformed through this process as I’m being shown daily that God’s hand is directing my life. Nine more days until I hop on an airplane and venture out beyond anything I have ever known. Though this trip has been on my radar for quite a while, the reality has yet to sink in. My emotions vary greatly minute by minute, fluctuating between excitement, nervousness, anticipation and grieving the time I’ll miss with friends and family here. My to-do list seems daunting and I’m trying to squeeze in time with everyone that I love. It is definitely crunch time.

It has been a spectacular thing to see how the family of God can make up such a strong united force. Financial support has been so tangible to see, but the prayers and words of encouragement have made such an amazing impact as well. It really serves as a reminder to step out and speak and act on what God has called me to do, even if I feel it is small or insignificant.

As of today, I am still needing some financial support for the training portion of my trip. As I have seen God working recently, I am going into this week with little worry in regards to the provision (which is a miracle in itself…I tend to worry WAY too much.). I am still needing about $800 of the $2625 payment. After this payment I will begin collecting money for the outreach segment of the trip. It has been a challenge for me to ask for help, but so cool to see God orchestrating the details instead of earning it under my own strength. Contact me by commenting or e-mail if you would like to help!

To see where I will be, check out !


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