with the exception of the mosquitoes…i would have to say that my new home is definitely paradise.  i’m constantly amazed at the beauty God created in my surroundings here both in nature and the people around me.  our team has meshed so well this month that reunions and get-togethers are already being planned as we dread the day that we part ways.

it has been cooler yesterday and today than it has been.  pants and hoodies are being worn as we drop to probably the mid 70s.  :o)  shoes are rarely worn and my feet are only covered in mosquito bites and sand except on fridays when we head into town.  if water is spilled on the floor, we leave it to evaporate.  pop is sold in glass bottles.  most things are a little expensive here on the island.  $1 US = $2 Belizian.  i have learned to love the smell of bug spray that i paid $11 US for…  oreos sound amazing but i have resisted buying them at $7ish dollars a box.

time here has flown by.  book reports, journaling, listening to speakers, work duties and enjoying the rest of the team takes up the majority of the time.  before leaving for belize, i prayed that we would be a group filled with laughter and that prayer has been answered BIG time.  :o)  though we have had some amazing times of depth, confession and prayer together…it seems like those times even ooze joy that is contagious.  not a day goes by without my heart feeling like it will explode with love for my YWAM family here.

i am 1/3rd of the way done with my lecture phase of my DTS.  i know it will only get better from here.  the end of november i am heading to SOUTH AFRICA with two leaders i have yet to meet (exciting!!), five amazing guys and six beautiful girls.  no details about what that may entail, but i am excited!

love and miss my family and friends at home…keep me posted on how life is going for you!


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