taking a deep breath…

in my heart it feels like this…

…but i’m actually in a completely different climate on the opposite of the world.
hello paris!  God has blessed me with a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation in this beautiful city.  after being in belize and south africa for the past five months at warp speed, it’s amazing to be able to take a deep breath and reflect on the beauty that has happened within my heart.  so similar to the awe and wonder that comes with the sunrise…this is just the beginning.
what today and tomorrow will bring is still unknown, just as it always has been.  the difference now is that i used to always have a plan.  no details are established yet on what the next few weeks and months will look like.  no plane tickets have been purchased and the only thing i’m certain of is that God has called me to go on an {adventure} with Him.

One thought on “taking a deep breath…

  1. I love that the Spirit can give us peace and grace in our hearts even when that doesn't match the world around us! So excited to see the next adventure He'll bring you on :)

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