the value of a balloon and a little time.

back in december while in pinetown, south africa i had the great honor of giving a little toddler a balloon while visiting the children’s ward in a small hospital.  that experience has changed my perspective on ministry in a big way.

we had brought the balloons and some stickers to bless the kids and even ended up handing out stickers to the adults who were there.  i stepped into a small room just off of the main area to visit some of the smaller kids.  a nutritionist came in and i quickly realized that these little ones were malnourished.  after playing with a few others, i made my way over to a crib holding a little boy.  he looked as though he was about eight months old as he laid quietly on his back but a quick glance at the paper attached to his bed revealed that he was almost two years old.  i began to play with him and the balloon and it wasn’t long before he began to smile and giggle.  a doctor entered the room as we continued to play and she commented on his demeanor.  we talked for a few minutes about his history and my heart just about broke.
he had been in the hospital for two months and was very sick at the beginning because of how malnourished he was.  during that time, the doctor had never seen him smile or heard his giggle before.  tears were instantly clouding my eyes and i spent the rest of my time at the hospital by his side.
balloons are so inexpensive and much of my free time slips away without much thought.  knowing that i had blessed that little boy and brought him a little bit of joy is priceless.
makes me wonder why i sometimes think that i need to have more to be a blessing.

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