one of the hardest things about my trip to south africa (ZA) is having my heart stolen over and over by the people there…especially the kids.  last night my heart was heavy after hearing about violent protests in mpumalanga in the area where many of my new friends live.  news like that is now not just another statistic in an unknown part of the world.

during the night i dreamed vividly of one of amazing boys at michael’s children’s village.  though the reason he was upset was unclear, i remember holding him tightly in my arms and encouraging him about who God created him to be.  the details of the dream have faded throughout the day but my heart still melts with the memory.

this is how i want to change the world.

i want to constantly be whispering words of truth, worth and beauty to the people i’m blessed to be surrounded by…no matter where God calls me to be.


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