breaking independence…

in the past i prided myself on my independence.  the ability to do things on my own without any help was the best way to get things done and it showcased my strength and talent.  my perspective has now changed.
driving to my cousin’s birthday party last week, i was alone.  the ten minute car ride was eerily quiet and shocking.  the realization of my solitude hit me hard as i realized that for the past six months i have been surrounded by close friends and i can only think of two times when i was truly on my own.  
as i was settling in and unpacking my stuff this week i began noticing the loneliness of the quiet again.  errands like grocery shopping seem more daunting than ever before and the evenings seem empty.  my independent heart has been transformed.  i never wanted to be the “needy” one…needing people for all the little things but here i am.  i don’t want to be independent anymore.
solitude used to be my friend.  the healing, hope and encouragement of close friendships involves taking a risk and exposing the sensitive parts of heart and that is scary, but {the freedom and beauty that bubbles up from healthy, God-centered relationships is priceless!}

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