a sneak peek…

if i could pry open my head and heart and dump out what was inside so you could watch the never-ending chatter and emotions gushing everywhere…it might result in this random quirky blog post. :o) brace yourself.

i like wearing other people’s clothes. i love how awkward and creepy that sounds…and it is true. if you combine nine girls for five months of living out of a backpack, you know that we got tired of our own clothes and expanded our wardrobes considerably by sharing. the ones that i was blessed to keep now remind me of my amazing YWAM sisters every time i wear it and it feels like a hug that never goes away.

speaking of hugs…i miss good hugs. not the lame type that are over in two seconds and feel like an obligation, but the ones that are so tight that it squeezes your heart and love oozes out. i miss them so much that i even had a dream about getting a few amazing hugs and woke up feeling blessed. i need more huggers in my life right now.

life…no definite plans yet regarding future travel, but i have an interview on monday! so excited to see what happens next on this crazy adventure called my life.

songs performed by will reagan and the united pursuit band have been my favorite worship music lately. currently listening to break every chain. we sang it at church tonight and God rocked my heart through it…and the rest of worship too.

worship here is so different than in africa. i think my church needs to learn how to move to the music. i really miss dancing my heart out before God every worship service. tonight there was one song that talked about moving left and right and jumping and dancing with God…a very small percentage of us actually were moving during that time. i felt weird to be one of the few moving but that didn’t stop me from busting out my non-existent dance skills.

my computer background makes me so happy. i set it to randomly rotate through pictures on my computer and switch every five minutes. it’s always a surprise to see who will be smiling at me next…

i tackled a long to do list today and conquered it. such a great accomplishment when i have really been struggling with a lack of motivation the past week or so. really frustrating when all i want to do is check out of life and waste my time with meaningless fluff (like catching up on a bazillion hours of tv shows that i missed while i was gone…lame). in my frustration God showed me that struggling with the same thing that has been a struggle in the past doesn’t mean i haven’t changed, it’s how i react to things that shows that i have changed. even Jesus was tempted…

i am eating SO much more fruit lately due to a new discovery. nutella + plain greek yogurt = chocolate deliciousness. seriously amazing. my favorite is dipping strawberries and apples in it. the recipe is 1 cup yogurt mixed with 1/2 cup nutella but to be honest i don’t measure anymore because i’m lazy and it still tastes awesome.

it has been sunny a few days this week and i have loved sitting inside pretending that it is warm outside. i really think my body was created for a warm climate. on the flip side i actually did miss being able to cocoon myself inside a down comforter and be warm and toasty…now getting up and climbing out of that perfection in the morning is a daily struggle that i have to fight.

still adjusting to little things like having a dryer, loving to drink milk (no more weird milk products like the stuff in belize named la la), living alone (don’t like this…), free wifi pretty much EVERYWHERE (seriously a challenge to find in some countries), understanding what everyone is saying around me…there is more, i just can’t think of them right now. things will be strange to me and then i’ll realize that it used to be my normal…it is weird.

randomly the other night while getting ready for bed the smoke alarm fell off of the ceiling and hit my shoulder on the way down. what are the odds of standing underneath it at that moment? crazy. scared the bejeebers outta me though. so it sits on my bathroom counter now…

geez…now i don’t know what to say. guess that sums up everything at this point. :o) hope you enjoyed this peek into the craziness of me tonight. now it’s time to crawl into my beloved cocoon of warmness and drift off to possibly dream about hugs and yummy chocolate dipped strawberries.


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