times of desperation create clarity.  essentials and priorities are highlighted when you are stripped down to the end of your resources.  times of chaos bring you back to the reality that nothing is in your control anyways.  depending on God is more evident when the money in your bank account disappears but we need to remember in times of abundance that He gave you that job and allows you to get up every morning.

as much as i fight against this place of vulnerability and times of fuzziness of what is happening next, i want to thank God for all that comes with it.  my eyes are more aware of His constant presence and the way He is working in my life.  the treasure of relying on Him for daily provision blesses me as i see Him give me riches that are more amazing than money.  knowing He sees you and is in complete control brings much more freedom than millions of dollars ever will.

i have had more time to think this week and it has been a challenge as i’ve decided not to rely on my typical ways of passing the time.  i tend to push reality away in an attempt to stop worrying instead of bringing my prayers to Him.  recognizing my situation more clearly has increased the stress level in some ways but i have been actively seeking God more specifically whenever i am aware of the mounting pressure.  instead of trying to pretend it isn’t there i have chosen to worship Him for what He has done and is doing in my heart.  as my focus has shifted He continues to surprise me with everything I need and reassurance that He has me exactly where i need to be.

i am so thankful for this season and the adventure of watching Him work in obvious and ridiculously cool ways.  He’s got the whole world in His hands…

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