this moment.

i’m in the process of learning what it’s like to fully live in this moment.  abundant thankfulness and adventure thrive when they are not hindered by regrets and worry.  at any given second, God promises that He will provide everything i need…with such an immense blessing, why do i allow this moment to be clouded by unnecessary distractions?

one of the quickest ways to squelch the joy you have right now is to dwell on the fact that this moment won’t last forever.  take time to absorb what God has for you wherever you find yourself…even if the surface seems ordinary.

the adventure and excitement of the unknown seems daunting when the promise of His provision isn’t firmly established in our hearts.  whenever worry starts choking you, take time to remember all He has done and the ways He continues to prove Himself loving and faithful.  He has a plan.

this moment was orchestrated with a distinct purpose…go on a treasure hunt with God and try to discover what it is!


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