anticipation and hope.

this month has the ingredients to be simply epic.  my heart feels fuzzy and beats faster when i take the time to think about the upcoming weeks.  this is proving to be even bigger than Christmas morning.

within the next week and a half..

…i will explore a new country…Canada here i come!…

…my heart will be reunited with half of my very loved and cherished YWAM team…

…i will move into my new apartment with my beautiful sister.  God’s hand in this process has blown my socks off.  such an awesome example of doors been opened and closed to my benefit and HIS glory…

…there is a special appointment to find out if little love bug is my niece or nephew, coming this fall…

words fall short of describing this hope that is bubbling up.  in these moments i wonder though, if i truly believe that God is trustworthy…if i know without a doubt that God has promised this hope that never fails…and if i acknowledge that He is constantly working things towards my good and His plan…shouldn’t i anticipate tomorrow like this everyday?


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