glimpses of heaven.

just thinking about what to type next makes my heart constrict and eyes start to water. last wednesday i set out on a grand adventure up to Canada to reunite with half of my YWAM team. the bus arrived in Vancouver after 11 pm and i did a little happy dance after a round of hugs for everyone. it meant the world to me for everyone to make the trek to come pick me up so late at night. 

over the course of the following four days i was reminded of who i am. the camaraderie our YWAM family has nourishes the deep places in my heart that usually have walls around them. i laugh and cry without reservations, soaking up the freedom to be real, broken and goofy. 

i’ve tried to wrap my brain around why this group is so different than i’ve ever encountered before. i find myself mad that i can’t be with them constantly and i despise when i realize that i hold back so much of myself apart from them. in the past, saying goodbye to my team has included saying adios to a part of myself.

but what if…

…my YWAM family was given to me to show me a glimpse of what relationships are meant to be and who i was created to be…

…my YWAM family was scattered to challenge me to be me regardless of the details…

…this is my opportunity to fly…

it’s time for me to launch forward off of the barriers i have built in my life and be a part of what God is depositing in the fertile soil within my reach. my heart still aches to be together with my team but a smile breaks through the tears when i realize that i may have been given a minuscule glimpse of the community of heaven. our heart’s united in the pursuit of God…


3 thoughts on “glimpses of heaven.

  1. That's beautiful, Charis… I think you're onto something! It sounds like God is leading you into a new depth of freedom – freedom to be you, as He sees you and has purposed for you – regardless of who you're around or what your circumstances are. Keep at it, girl!

  2. Sister… this is incredible. Thank you for baring your heart and thoughts, and for provoking an in-depth thought process of my own. You are an exquisite piece of art, reflecting the heart of our Father so beautifully. Thank you.

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