I would love to introduce you to one of my superheroes in my life. Her name is Christina. Though we have never been best friends and only got to hang out while working together one summer back in 2003, this girl has had an incredible impact on my heart and walk with God.

Christina is an explosion of joy to everyone around her. The strength and transparency she has shown through her journey the past 5ish years has left me speechless and challenged me in so many ways. Her foundation of faith has conquered fear through her unwavering hope that God has great plans for her life.

This beautiful girl and her family has been on my heart so often lately. Very soon she may have the honor and privilege to be pain free and celebrating in paradise. The challenges of battling multiple brain tumors is coming to an end! As amazing as this is for Christina, my heart is breaking for her husband Doug, her five month old baby boy Isaiah, and her family and countless friends.

I would love for you to hear her story from her own words and join me in prayer as her story continues. Although NOTHING in comparison to meeting her in person, go check out and read her story.


One thought on “Christina.

  1. thank you for introducing her! Gods ways are not like ours, neither are His thoughts. Why bad things happen to good people his beyond my comprehension.

    One truth that has been resonating in my soul is death does not have victory anymore. For it only brings us closer to God. For those of us around death, God sweeps in and comforts us during trying times. Death gives us a new appreciation for life. It makes us hold loved ones tighter, sun brighter, and days longer.

    When God works through our lives, that impact remains on the world forever. finding a home in our hearts and changing us for the better. Thanks for sharing so she can make a home in my heart and change my life as well.

    Her, her family, and you will be in my prayers.

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