searching for beauty.

the ugliness in this world is not hard to find. broken people hurt others and create disasters.

but today I’m choosing to search for beauty.

today I ventured out to a place I thought I would never go.

six months ago my friend was murdered at dodge park. the darkness surrounding this tragedy tainted my visions of what this park looked like and i could only imagine a suffocating, eerily quiet heaviness encasing its entirety. I wasn’t ready to see it for myself until today.

now I sit at the water’s edge, overwhelmed by the crisp, clean air and my ears are filled with the rumble of two rivers colliding in front of me. this is a beautiful place. the moment I stepped out of the car I knew this was a place of peace…somewhere to go to get away from the chaos of life. as the sun made a rare appearance and warmed my face I realized that this is a place to be close to God.

I still don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my mind around what happened and my heart still hurts for all who knew and loved her. but thankfully there is beauty to be found.

I speak out words of love more frequently now, knowing the uncertainty of tomorrow. my compassion for others, including the most broken of them all, has grown immensely. forgiveness now has more meaning and depth through the struggle of justice in my heart. again I’m learning to trust that God never leaves our side and will work ALL things for good…even if we can’t see it.

i urge you to seek out the beauty of today and where you are. remember that none of this comes without wrestling and walking through the situations life has thrown at you. when it is time, don’t be afraid to venture into the dark places to discover the nuggets of gold.



One thought on “searching for beauty.

  1. this is gorgeous and courageous, Charis. you speak wisdom, I know, that comes from places of deep pain and wrestling. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend, for the brutality and injustice of it all. And I’m in awe, with you, at how beauty is revealed when we are ready to go to the dark places – when we are ready to see it.

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