beautiful rubbish


a couple of weekends ago I was able to attend a writer’s conference in Portland. one of the many amazing opportunities I had was to meet a blogger whose heart and writing has resonated so much with my own life. it was amazing to finally give her a hug and get to chat a little bit.

yesterday she wrote a beautiful post about balancing the vulnerability in writing with face to face relationships. I completely relate to this and loved hearing that I’m not alone.

go and catch a glimpse of her heart and I’m sure you will cherish her just as I have.


One thought on “beautiful rubbish

  1. Oh my! I totally missed this. I have had your old blog address still on my blogger feed and spaced out, wondering why there weren’t any new posts from you :-) I am deeply touched, sweet friend, that you would write these things about me. It was a joy, indeed, to meet you at the conference and give you a hug. I hope it happens again in not too long. But for now, so excited to be reading more of your beautiful heart and following your journey here…

    love to you.

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