pressing on

all the enthusiasm and gusto I have felt for writing has been pushed aside long enough. it seems to always go back to the constant battle of not doing what I want to do and instead doing things that I don’t want to do. oy.

a blog post about the changing of seasons in my heart over the past few weeks is in the works, but I wanted to share an awesome blog post I just read this morning.

one of my spectacular uncles gives a little insight and wisdom about what God has been teaching him through his running escapades. it resonated so much in my heart because in many ways I feel like I have hit a wall and instead of pushing on I have stepped aside and become a spectator. that is not where my heart is.

check out his post here and let him know if it challenged and encouraged your heart like it did for me! :)

we are all in this together. grab the hand next to you and remember that encouragement and love refuels like nothing else!


2 thoughts on “pressing on

  1. I loved your uncles God given insight. What a road to run season after season. I love the understanding that with in each negative split there is a point that you must decease to God so that he can make you increase to surpass your fleshly self. So many times I have found the lesson in the negative split, found the joy, found the peace in the storm only God can usher into my heart. Charis your new blog is the negative split and I am glad to see you choosing to have Gods strength move you into you “next miles”.

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