this morning’s thoughts.


as a group this morning, staff and students alike, we were challenged to write out a poem of sorts.  with the sun beating down and a slight breeze to keep it cool, the words flowed easily.  here is a glimpse of the cry of my heart…

like the wind across my face, Lord, I want to feel you.  overwhelm me with your presence to demolish my doubts and fears.  help me get out of my own way as I seek you.

you alone are to be praised!  nothing I have done matters if not for you Father.  even as I fail, you are there with grace and love.  turn my eyes again to you.

I can’t fathom the depth of your love for me…take me deeper still into the greatest treasure hunt with no boundaries.  how amazing that you God would love even me.  you are so good.

strip away more of me to display more of who you are.  I want to exalt you alone with my heart and my life.  blessed be your name!

nothing matters aside from your glory…I lay my life down to lift you high!


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